Fire-resistant glass

FIRESWISS FOAM manufactured by GLASTROSCH AG FIRESWISS is fire-proof laminated glass that consists of a few FLOAT glass layers with a thickness of 3 mm and 1 mm siliceous (TTS) coat, which absorb the energy radiance completely and then evenly distribute it all over the surface.

This process causes formation of special elastic and permanent layer, which aim is to keep all of the glass pieces together. As a consequence, "protective shield" is made. This glass preserves the area completely out of smoke, fumes, flames and high temperature as well..

However, fireproof FSF glass (EI class) not only does provide protection in case of smoke and fire, but also reduces heat radiation and thermal isolation.

STARGLASS has in its' offer:

The following symbols represent the time (in minutes) during which the glass is fully fire resistant and the primary glass thickness (in millimeters), ex. FIRESWISS FOAM 60-23.

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