Toughened glass ESG

Toughened glass ESG - is a safety glass, which has a wide application in building, interior design, furniture construction and industrial production.

ESG is more bending proof than normal float glass. This ability allows to use ESG in places where exceptional mechanical strength and resistance is needed. Additional advantage of toughened glass is resistance to sudden temperature changes. Undoubtedly, that is the reason why this kind of glass has to be installed in the heat source nearby (for instance - gas cookers). Toughened glass is called "safety glass", because when it breaks, it falls apart into thousands small and blunt pieces.

Safety laminated glass VSG , VSG/ESG

Laminated glass (VSG) is composed of two or more glass panes that are laminated with exceptionally bursting proof PVB foil. Transparent, colorful or laminated glass with soundproof foil is available in our offer, depending on the purpose of its' future use.

While VSG/ESG glass is produced, special non-water-absorbing foil EVA is used. The edges of laminated forms do not need any protection in case of humidity caused by atmospheric conditions. Variety of decorative inputs between EVA sheets (such as iron, canvas and different types of colorful PET filters) can be used during the process of manufacturing.

Tensile strength test of laminated glass PVB laminated

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